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Get Your Car Transformed By Professionals!

Internationally accredited detailing expert Bill Bakr is all about the fine points when it comes to detailing vehicles. Whatever the car, his great passion is the finished product. All work done at The Detail Market has to meet his stringent expectations for excellence, from car washing and interior details to cut & polish, paint correction, and ceramic coatings. You won’t find a more dedicated car detailing business in the whole state, and the quality of their service just sets The Detail Market apart.

Whether you are looking for attention for a newly imported car, a new car bought from a dealership, a used car or an ex-fleet vehicle, The Detail Market see the lot. Whether you know what you are looking for or need to ask for advice, you’ll find an approachable team that values authentic communication. Many clients come to The Detail Market after trying services from less experienced staff, and the difference is embarrassingly clear. Get your vehicle gleaming like new, every time.

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Full Car Detailing

Gentle, Thorough and Top Quality

  • Exterior Wash
  • Wheels & Wheel Wells
  • Door jambs
  • Windows
  • Vacuumed Interior
  • Interior Surface Wiping
  • Gloss and Surface Protection

The highest quality Car Detailing

Supercars, Sports Cars and Classics, full detailing services: Polish, Paint Protection Film, Paint Correction, Specialist Paint Jobs, Ceramic Coating, Leather Coating, Tyre Conditioning, Window Tinting and even GPS Tracking Systems.

Only the best products are used at The Detail Market. With constant testing of new options, Bill is knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t. Getting the perfect finish is possible with the best combination of brands – it’s not one size fits all! Trust the certified professionals and be completely satisfied.

Drop in to The Detail Market warehouse to see some stunning works-in-progress, or get in touch to discuss how the detail market can bring new life to any vehicle.